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Showing news for January 2010.

Exhibition: Taranaki War 1860-2010: Our Legacy – Our Challenge

by Polly Catlin-Maybury on 07 January 2010

Waitara, 17 March 1860: British troops fire early shots in a bloody conflict that will rage across Taranaki for 21 years. And that is not the end of it.   The conflict’s painful legacy lives on to the present day.   This exhibition is an unflinching look at the harsh reality of war and colonisation in Taranaki. Through historic photographs, precious objects, digital technology and poignant... Read more

Words on Wheels Festival 2010

by Polly Catlin-Maybury on 12 January 2010

What has ten legs, four wheels, and a pile of literary awards? The New Zealand Book Council's Words on Wheels (WOW) tour, which sends a van-load of top writers into a different region of New Zealand each year.   And this year it is Taranaki’s turn, with  David Hill (Teen Fiction), Duncan Sarkies (Fiction), Briar Grace-Smith (Scriptwriting), Alison Wong (Poetry) and Janet Hunt (Non-fiction) going... Read more

Embroiderers’ Guild Exhibition extended!

by Polly Catlin-Maybury on 19 January 2010

EXTENDED UNTIL 21 MARCH!   Embroidery has always been a way of preserving history across the years – not only within the items that are made but in the skills and techniques of producing pieces that can be decorative or utilitarian – or both!   This exhibition is the first retrospective of the 30 year history of the New Plymouth Embroiderers’ Guild and is not just a look back at works produced... Read more

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