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The Shanachie Tour

by Tae Allison  

Travelling Dutchmen - Erik and Jaap, are giving a public talk at the council chambers on Tuesday 15th June at 5.30pm. Like the Irish storytellers or 'shanachies', they move from town to town telling and gathering entertaining stories.

With the motto: Keep stories, share stories, make stories - the Shanachies care for the library of the future. They travel the world trying to preserve the good and build the best by sharing the best library practises.

Brought here by the National Library of New Zealand, these roving librarians share and collect people's views and perspectives.

Come to the council chambers on Tuesday at 5.30pm, or the following day at Puke Ariki from 9 - 10am Wednesday morning, and be part of the international conversation.

Puke Ariki is one of a few libraries chosen for their visit to New Zealand.

For more information about the roving librarians and their travels, visit www.shanachietour.com


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