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Spotlight on the Heritage Collection

Master Shape

22 April 2014

In 2000 Taranaki artist Rangi Kipa was challenged to explore the artistic possibilities of a new industrial material called Corian. At that time Corian’s extensive colour range and durability meant it was primarily being utilised for... read more

Air Queens

14 April 2014

A good personality and common sense: these were the qualities favoured by judges of the “Queen of the Air Race” contest. Held by Tasman Empire Airways Limited (TEAL), the forerunner to Air New Zealand in operation from 1940-1965,... read more


07 April 2014

When most people think of collage they picture small pieces of paper and other materials that are overlapped and pasted together to create an image. However in Cutbacks New Zealand artist Steve Lovett has done just the opposite. Instead of building... read more

Nina and Ruby

07 April 2014

Marianne Muggeridge's Nina and Ruby with Marianne reflected (1996) is a portrait within a portrait that raises questions about who the work is really about. Is it Nina and her daughter Ruby, resting on the bed? Is it the artist herself, poised at... read more

Shoes for Māori

07 April 2014

This small leaflet was found inside an old book at New Plymouth's 24 Hour Book Sale last year. It is an advertisement for the establishment of a shoe store in Waitara and is written entirely in te reo Māori, including some transliterations of... read more

Esteemed Address

07 April 2014

This illuminated address was presented to Henry Betts on his 90th birthday by the people of Ōkaiawa on 8 February 1927. The address is signed over eight pages by the 172 guests present at his birthday party at his home ‘Holly... read more

Major Marchers

09 March 2014

In the late '70s and early '80s the Moller Majorettes marching team were a force to be reckoned with. As evidenced by the impressive haul of trophies, shields and medals displayed in this 1981 Charters and Guthrie photograph the team won... read more

Puzzling Toy

03 March 2014

This puzzling toy was produced by Gunnar Berger and Son Ltd, for Texas Toys. Gunnar Berger was a Swedish immigrant to Eltham, who moved here with his family in 1950. Gunnar’s interest in living in New Zealand was piqued after seeing a Swedish... read more

Plucky Ducks

22 February 2014

They are rarer than some species of kiwi, vigorous defenders of their habitats and whistlers rather than quackers.  Our native whio, or blue duck, are a special type of bird. Whio live in clean, fast flowing rocky rivers, and for this reason are... read more

Military Showtime

17 February 2014

Showtime in New Plymouth during the late 1850s often meant calling in the British imperial troops. The fledgling town of New Plymouth was given a fresh injection of culture with the arrival of the British army, who were garrisoned on Marsland Hill... read more

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